Alexander S. Lawson as contributor

A short title list of Alexander S. Lawson’s writing as contributor.

1959Some useful receipts; and some not so useful, from Thomas MacKellar's American printer, 1887
1961Type design: a homily by Frederic W. Goudy
1971Bodoni, the Printer of Parma. By T.M. Cleland; The Preface to the Manuale Tipografico of 1818. By G.B. Bodoni. Translated by H.V. Marrot
1977The Books of WAD: A Bibliography of the Books Designed by W.A. Dwiggins
1981Specimens of Type, Brass Rules and Dashes, Ornaments and Borders, Society Emblems, Check Lines, Cuts, Initials and other Productions of the American Type Founders Co.
1987A Goudy memoir: essays by and about America's great type designer, Frederic W. Goudy
1988Twenty Years of the Frederic W. Goudy Award
1991Giambattista Bodoni
1992J.L. Frazier’s Specimen Review: An Example