Archivist’s Note 10

Late last month I was preparing material for a future post when I found myself dwelling on articles relating to the history of the American Type Founders Company and its one time manager Steve Watts in particular. As I fixed on the history of the company I wrote to my friend Theo Rehak for a copy of The Fall of ATF, his privately printed chronicle of the last days of The American Type Founders Company. (Beautifully designed by the great Jerry Kelly and expertly printed by Rich Hopkins I might add!)

I expected to see Steve Watts name mentioned, but I was not prepared to read Theo’s admonition crediting Prof. Lawson for inspiring him to pursue the craft of type founding. I immediately dispatched an electronic missive to Theo and a few days later I received in return a lovely essay entitled “For Fra Alexander” for the “Tributes” page. 

The ASL Archivist