Archivist’s Note 11

From the very beginning a page has existed cataloguing Lawson’s books books as author. Today marked a flurry of activity preparing individual pages for each of those books. The citations are incomplete, but as this site is a work-in-progress, I thought it better to post what material I had on hand rather than wait and wait and wait for what, another day?

Also, regarding the matter of housekeeping, I have retroactively developed a series of blog-specific posts always titled “Archivist’s Notes.” I thought it best to segregate my comments from Lawson’s articles. Why mix the two up on a single post? And besides it looks better on the page. These posts are categorized under Archivist’s Notes and tagged as archivist’s notes to ease your searches. When this site is fully developed all my comments regarding its creation can be easily isolated and/or deleted.

As ever, I hope these efforts aid your use & enjoyment of the Archive.

The ASL Archivist