Archivist’s Note 13

Frequent readers may note some sizable changes in the layout of the Archive. I have been adding fewer links in posts as this tends to slow the addition of more content. Rest assured, as I find good solid links (read “not Wikipedia”) I will add them later.

I have added new images to the “Books as Author” and “Coauthor” sections and work has begun on the NCA Newsletter section. More invitations for tributes have been sent out with only a few responses. I’ll keep trying. Most importantly, I have finished “About” page to the point where I hope it gives some background and a sense of the purpose of the site.

Typographically speaking, the biggest change is the implementation of Typekit, a technology platform that hosts legally licensed web-only fonts. What does all this mean? It means the web is getting closer to real typography. It means that when the technology at your end allows Typekit to do its thing, you will be enjoying the site typeset in Jean François Porchez‘s Apolline STD complemented with a few instances of his Angie STD Sans.

Finally, today marks the introduction of a new monthly feature, the “Typographic Scoreboard“, which post at end of each month. Beginning with the first of Lawson’s thriteen typographic censuses, here now for you dear reader in the “Typographic Scoreboard” of The New Yorker from 13 April 1963. Enjoy.

The ASL Archivist