Archivist’s Note 5

The Lawson Archive’s brother blog Typocurious has begun a ambitious year-long adventure, a theme: Type Designer of the Month. In support of the Typocurious’s effort, the Lawson Archive will post a non-Printer’s Almanac article or two each month relating to whomever the type designer of the month is. January starts 2010 off with not just one typographic giant, but two: Jan van Krimpen & Giovanni Mardersteig. Van Krimpen doesn’t appear often (if at all) in many of Lawson’s articles, but Mardersteig appears to have been a favorite. So without further ado, from the December 1978 issue of Printing Impressions, part 1 of “A Few Comments on the Life of Mardersteig.”

The ASL Archivist