Archivist’s Note 8

Recent activity at the Lawson Archive has included the relocation of the blogroll from the sidebar to its own page. (Click on “Links” in the menu bar above.) Each link’s description still needs editing, severe editing, ruthless editing.

Meanwhile, while sorting out “Composing Room.” articles for future posting, I discovered an assortment of Lawson articles that immediately followed “The Composing Room.” I’ve collected their titles in a new table on its own page titled “other Inland Printer articles.”

Finally, I’ve employed a few plugins to improve the abysmal built-in WordPress search bar. Now search results display the quantity of results found, list all the post & page results in descending order by date, and highlight the search terms within those result excerpts in (up to five) different colors. Except for the search terms displaying in the excerpts as case sensitive to the search terms entered in the search bar, this new arrangement seems to be working just fine. The only other way I can find to easily improve the search bar is to employ Google and take the site commercial, which I won’t ever do.

Dear reader, I hope these efforts improve your use & enjoyment of the Archive.

The ASL Archivist